Save Free & Local

The DOT bulldozers are headed toward Hunger Task Force and we need your help. The DOT is providing two options for the freeway and both hurt Hunger Task Force.

#1 and #2: Cemetery Area - The At-Grade Alternatives impact Hunger Task Force and eliminates the Hawley Road Interchange, or eliminates access to and from Milwaukee.

  • There are 2 proposed "At-Grade" alternatives.  One completely eliminates the Hawley exit, and the other is a "half-diamond" which doesn't allow access heading toward, or coming from Milwaukee.
  • 93% of Hunger Task Force deliveries of emergency food to network sites use the Hawley exits.
  • Over $40,000 estimated increase operating costs to Hunger Task Force - eliminating the Hawley Court exit and on-ramp will increase mileage, time and costs.
  • Significant decrease to the 1,800 community donations dropped off at Hunger Task Force - eliminating the Hawley Court exit and on-ramp will reduce vital food donations.

#3 Cemetery Area: The Double-Deck Alternative impacts Hunger Task Force, and increases costs for taxpayers and construction time.

  • The loss of 169,000 daily views of our signboard used to recognize you - people who help end hunger in our community.
  • $330 million – your taxpayer dollars spent to save 4 minutes of commuter time.
  • Increased noise and longer construction time.

The Good News – this is not a one way street. Let your voice be heard! This is the last chance for public comments. Please send an email to jason.lynch @ by July 1st and let him know that any plans for I-94 expansion should not make it more difficult to fight hunger in Milwaukee.

We recently rallied at the last public hearing - calling on the DOT to stop and listen to the community.  See pictures HERE. Thanks to all of the supporters and Voices Against Hunger Members for attending.  If you'd like to take actions like these in the future - sign up for Voices Against Hunger HERE


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