Great Examples of Giving

WhitefishBay Church

In 2011, the congregation at Roundy Memorial Baptist Church of Whitefish Bay had a difficult decision to make. It seemed it was time to close the doors to an institution that served the North Shore since its founding in 1936...







Hunger Matters to Abby O'Dess

Hunger Task Force would not be able to operate as we do without the support of our generous donors. We decided to take an opportunity to shine a spotlight on them, the president of O'Dess and Associates, Abby O'Dess.






Briggs & Stratton Fights Hunger and Backs the PackBriggs&Stratton

The men and women working at Briggs & Stratton in Menomonee Falls like to work hard, play hard, and root hard for the Green Bay Packers.  Every year during Packer season, the members of the Packer Fan Club raise money to feed hungry folks in Wisconsin through fun fundraisers like casual days (where most employees choose to wear their Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, or even old school Reggie White jerseys!), raffles, and even a rib cook-off! Thanks to everyone at Briggs and the Packer Fan Club for making a difference while cheering on the Pack!



John Graumann

Young Man Hits the Century Mark

Think back to when you were a 6th grader, and imagine what you would do if someone handed you $100. You’d probably want to buy a new bike, or some video games. John Graumann—a local 6th grader—had a different idea. He received $100 from his Grandma for Christmas, and had been hearing that there are kids in Milwaukee who go to bed hungry. This didn't sit well with John so he decided to donate the money to Hunger Task Force to help buy food for the hungry.

Oh, and did we mention that John was volunteering at a Hunger Task Force food sort when he asked us if he could make a donation? This young man already knows a thing or two about giving from the heart. Thank you, John, for being an amazing example for folks both young and old!


Miller Park Sportservice donation

There's Always Room (to donate) Jell-O!

The Miller Park Sportservice folks are the people that make sure that brats, hot dogs, nachos, and delicious pretzels are available in bountiful supply when you go to a Brewer game. They work hard and they play hard. And they give back. This year for their associate appreciation party at the end of a long regular season and a longer (but not quite long enough) playoff season, the employees added a new twist. They got together at the Home Plate Lounge in Miller Park for a nice dinner, music, ComedySportz and raffle prizes... but they also asked each attendee to bring a Jell-O donation for Hunger Task force's Thanksgiving bins.  This is the first year they asked for donations, and with associates bringing over 700 boxes of gelatin goodness, we hope it won't be the last! Thank you Sportservice!



Fulbeli Deli Makes Full Bellys

Koppa’s Fulbeli Deli is a Milwaukee East Side staple, offering groceries, and a unique assortment of interesting and non-traditionally named deli sandwiches. It’s no surprise, then, that Koppa’s was a donor to one of Hunger Task Force’s most interesting, non-traditional food drives: mini-marshmallows for holiday bins! Hunger Task Force’s holiday meal bins include 30 special food items so families can enjoy a festive turkey or ham dinner with all the trimmings. Koppa’s generously donated cases of mini-marshmallows to make sure that the included sweet potato casseroles were sweet, and that mugs of hot cocoa were topped with plenty of tasty treats. Thank you Koppa’s!



Platypus Digs the Radish

On a sunny June afternoon, associates of Platypus Advertising + Design came out to volunteer at Hunger Task Force’s Farm and Fish Hatchery. It was just the start of the harvest season, and some of our early crops were starting to poke out of the ground. We needed some help, so we offered the eager volunteers a challenge: Harvest as many radishes as you can! The group enthusiastically attacked the fields, and pretty soon, radishes were flying everywhere. At the end of the day, they pulled over 200 pounds of radishes out of the ground! Sandy Schuppel was one of the volunteers helping out, and she even tweeted the picture to prove it. Thank you again to Sandy, Danielle, Greg, Tim and Marty for helping out at the Farm and Fish Hatchery!




Less is more at Potawatomi Bingo Casino!

More than 100 Potawatomi Bingo Casino employees

competed in “A New You in 90 Days” – a 13-week weight-loss program that helped feed the hungry

while they dieted and exercised away the pounds!

The team members competed against each other to lose the largest percentage of body weight, losing a collective 3.88% body weight and 934.4 lbs!  Potawatomi Bingo Casino committed to match employee’s weight loss dollar-for-pound, resulting in a $935 check that will be used to feed the community.

“What began as a motivational program for team members to get up and get active, has not only transformed people’s lifestyles, but will help feed others in the community,” said Kristen Ekiss, Wellness Coordinator at Potawatomi Bingo Casino.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who participated in this unique program!


Boom sprayer

Farm Friend Makes Wish List Come True!

Last month, Gordon Marshall made a phone call to the Hunger Task Force Farm and Fish Hatchery. Gordon is a regular donor to Hunger Task Force, and he had just received our spring newsletter featuring the 151-acre farm and our equipment wish-list for 2011. Gordon has a farming background, and was interested in taking a tour to check out the facilities. One afternoon, he stopped by for a visit and toured the fields, warehouse and fish hatchery. He talked all things farm with Hunger Task Force staff, learned more about what we are planning for the upcoming growing and harvest season, and then capped off his visit by making a very generous donation to purchase a boom sprayer for fertilizing! Thanks to Gordon, Hunger Task Force now has one of the important pieces of equipment needed to keep the fresh produce coming to Milwaukee’s hungry!


Friendly Competition Feeds Milwaukeecorn drive

With the words “Let’s show up big for Hunger Task Force,” the President of FEI Behavioral Health threw down the gauntlet. Families International is the parent company for the Alliance for Children and Families, FEI Behavioral Health, United Neighborhood Centers of America and Ways to Work. All 4 organizations are housed in the same building in Milwaukee, separated by the atrium and lobby area. When Team Spirit, their joint workplace festivities and spirit committee, stepped up to organize a canned corn drive for Hunger Task Force’s holiday baskets, the East side of the building threw down a challenge to the West side: whatever side collects the least amount of canned corn must buy a bagel breakfast with juice for the whole building and serve breakfast on the winning side’s part of the building.

Although there are rumors of underhanded maneuvers (reportedly the East Side hid a stock pile of about 400 cans of corn until the final day of the challenge), the East Side pulled off its challenge and was deemed the winner. The whole building carried out a commendable food drive, raising over 1,000 cans and earning a celebratory bagel breakfast all around! Thanks Families International for helping Milwaukee families!


Thrivent Financial

Thrivent Gives Back!

Brian Cooper and the Gateway Associates of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans gave back to the community with a fish fry fundraiser in March at the Quilted Bear.  Thrivent associates and their clients bid on silent auction items like Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews Packer jerseys, a signed Brandon Jennings Bucks jersey, wedding photographer packages, and an iPod touch, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Hunger Task Force.  Through the generosity of these good folks, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans raised over $1,600 to fight hunger in the community!


Crossing the (Twitter) Streams to Fight HungerBruce!

Bruce Dierbeck is a local Milwaukee guy who wanted to fight hunger and make a difference for families at the holidays. He is also a big fan of Twitter and Ghostbusters. So when he heard that Hunger Task Force needed bags of mini-marshmallows to go along with the sweet potato casserole for the Thanksgiving Bins program, he got an idea: just like the Ghostbusters crossed the streams to defeat the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, he was going to help defeat hunger by crossing Twitter streams to collect mini-marshmallows. Bruce wrote up a blog post describing his project and goal, and set out to work on Twitter by posting messages and encouraging folks to spread the word with their own Twitter accounts. Bruce set up a marshmallow donation center at his office—thank you Roll Mobile!—and after a lot of tweeting and retweeting, ended up collecting 216 bags of mini-marshmallows to make holiday meals special for Milwaukee families. Thank you, Bruce (@btothed)!!


Star Chapter 372

The True Stars of Star Chapter 372!

A gathering of over 200 Yamaha motorcycle enthusiasts from 13 states met for food, fun and fundraising at the 2010 Midwest Star-BQ, hosted by Star Touring and Riding Chapter 372 of Milwaukee, on August 20 and 21. They met at the Olympia Resort and Spa in Oconomowoc.

The $8,000 in proceeds from the event was split right down the middle to benefit two organizations, Hunger Task Force and the Star Family Foundation, which helps families dealing with hardships. The organization also raised over 2,000 pounds of food for Hunger Task Force.

Congratulations to Star Touring & Riding Chapter 372 for being committed to ending hunger and supporting their community.


What the heck is a Flash Mob?

Flash Mob: A large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual act for a brief time, then disperse.

Stephanie Sanchez and a group of well-rehearsed, yet spontaneous dance enthusiasts surprised attendees at the last Jazz in the Park of the season on Thursday, September 23rd with a flash mob set to The Temptations’ “Get Ready.”  But dancers can’t learn a routine without practice, and more than 6 weeks were spent “getting ready” for the big night.  And the Flash Mob organizers decided that these practices were a great opportunity to fight hunger.  Participants were asked to bring food items to each practice to donate to Hunger Task Force!  Check out the final dance below!


Irene Potter

Irene Potter

Volunteering and giving back to your community does not end at a certain age. Irene is a great example of that. She just celebrated her 100th birthday in August of 2010 and still runs the food drive at the Unity Church in Wauwatosa. Irene started doing the drive when she was 93 and Sunday’s during the holiday season she sits next to the Hunger Task Force food box and rings her bell reminding the parishioners to give generously. If they don’t have food she loves to see them donate money.

Irene lives her life as an example of doing something she loves and in the end it benefits Hunger Task Force.


Evan's LemonadeLife Didn't Hand Him Lemons, but He Went Ahead and Made More Lemonade!

Last summer a young man named Evan came in to our office to make a donation. He set up a neighborhood lemonade stand and wanted proceeds to benefit Hunger Task Force. While many kids spend their summer pursuing their own interests, or perhaps complaining of boredom, this entrepreneurial young man started a business that would benefit others. We at Hunger Task Force were so inspired we created this page to acknowledge his efforts as well as many other exciting, creative ways people in this community reach out to their neighbors who need food. As the summer of 2010 reached its end, we were happy to hear that Evan was once again in our lobby with another donation from his lemonade profits. This is a wonderful tradition and a Great Example of Giving.


DentaQuestHunger Can Step Off!

The Get Fit Challenge was a fun activity for everyone working at DentaQuest LLC to participate in.  It was a steps challenge, which means they tracked the total number of steps participants took in a week. A free pedometer was handed out to the employees who chose to participate and there was a $5 entry fee. The challenge included once a month healthy treats, weekly group walks, heath tips and a random drawing for a free lunch.  They were very pleased and excited to say they raised about $1,200.00 that was donated to Hunger Task Force. A healthy staff and a healthier safety net of local food supply!



Fighting Hunger Away in Kugaritaville

“Wastin’ away in Margaritaville…” We all know the famous Jimmy Buffet lyrics, but on July 24, Dave and Linda Kusnierek put their own unique twist on the classic and created a slice of tailgate paradise in the Miller Park lots before the Brewers game. Nicknamed “Kugaritaville,” Dave and Linda invited over 500 family and friends to enjoy an afternoon of food, drinks, grass skirts, leis and fun in the sun. What made this themed tailgate extra special? Guests brought food and money donations to the party, with all proceeds benefiting Hunger Task Force. At the end of the beautiful afternoon, $2,100 and 1,000 pounds of food were collected to fight hunger in Milwaukee! Thanks to Dave, Linda and all the residents of Kugaritaville for generously supporting Hunger Task Force!


Allie and Olivia10 year old + 10 year old = 51 pounds of food

On the first day of summer vacation Allie and Olivia went to their school’s playground and they were kind of bored.. so they sat down and thought about what they could do. Suddenly it hit them!! Why not do a community service project? They thought they could help people by collecting food. The girls talked to Allie’s mom and she suggested Hunger Task Force because it would help people right away.

So the girls went home, made a plan and a flyer to hand out.  They walked around the neighborhood with a wheelbarrow, knocked on doors and the neighbors donated food.

The next day they were driven to Hunger Task Force where their food was weighed - they collected 51 pounds of food.

They are very glad that they collected the food and it made them feel good that they could help other people in need.

Thanks so much Olivia & Allie – what a great plan!


Dennik weddingSomething old, Something new, Something for the needy in Milwaukee...

It’s that time of year when wedding bells are in the

air. Jim and Michele Dennik tied the knot on June 19. To celebrate their wealth of happiness, they chose to spread their joy and use their wedding as a perfect opportunity to help those less fortunate.  Instead of receiving gifts they had guests donate to the Hunger Task Force in their honor.  What a wonderful way to share their big day with others. Congratulations and a big Thank You to the Denniks!


Think Outside the Lunchboxthink outside the lunchbox

Outpost Natural Foods has been feeding kids through their "Think Outside the Lunchbox" program for the past 6 years. From June 1 - August 21 they are accepting non-perishable food donations at all three stores with the focus being on healthy foods for kids. They are also accepting monetary donations at each register in each store during the same time period. Store locations are:
2826 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. in Bayview
100 E. Capitol Drive in Milwaukee
7000 W. State Street in Wauwatosa

Thanks to Outpost, a community icon for over 40 years, and their commitment to feeding kids in Milwaukee.


Lucas Berth

Happy Birthday Indeed!

Many children these days have birthday parties with lots and lots of gifts. But a young lad named Lucas Berth asked friends and family to give donations to the Hunger Task Force instead of gifts. At the donation dock he reported, "My mom always tells me that I’m fortunate to always have food since some people do not.” Lucas has shown that not only adults can help with the hunger problem in Milwaukee, but kids can too. Way to go Lucas!!!!



Guten Tag!M&I Bank

Are you hungry for sauerbraten? Do you want to see a glockenspiel and a Great Example of  Giving in Action?  On Sunday, July 25th from 1-3PM at the north gate during Germanfest, the team of volunteers from  “M&I Bank – Central Credit” were at Germanfest collecting non-perishable food items and letting folks into the festival free of charge. This was their third year collecting non-perishables at Germanfest. Over the past two years “M&I Bank-Central Credit” collected over 33,000 pounds of food at the festival! For their their “Community Day” Volunteer Project they chose to work with Hunger  Task force because they wanted a real way to touch the community that they all live in. So danke schon M&I Bank, danke schon! You are truly a Great Example of Giving.


TwitterOur Best Re-Tweeters

Great giving comes in many forms, especially today when social networking popularity is at an all-time high. Hunger Task Force is on the social media bandwagon, and we’ve been “tweeting” away on our Twitter page. As we’ve been building our Twitter network and making new friends across the online community, we’ve connected with some great “re-tweeters.” The Women’s Fund of Milwaukee (@womensfundMKE), Our Milwaukee (@ourmilwaukee) and the American Association of Retired Persons in Wisconsin (@aarpwi) are leading our growing Twitter family with up to the hour re-tweets of some of our most important messages. From summer meals for kids, to Stockbox for seniors, these great organizations are helping Hunger Task Force—or, @hungertaskforce if you will—spread the word about hunger in Milwaukee and how we can end it!


Fight Hunger In Your Sleep!Brenntag

Don’t you hate it when you are running a meeting and the same co-worker’s phone goes off right in the middle EVERY week?!  Or worse, someone nods off and they blame it on a big lunch?  We’ve all been there and the folks at Brenntag Great Lakes in Butler decided to turn this problem into a positive.  The powers that be at Brenntag instituted a system of fines for meeting transgressions. Cell phone rings?  Fine.  Can’t “hold it” and you have to sneak out to the restroom?  Fine. Get an unexpected visit from Mr. Sandman?  FINE.   The offending parties ponied up their fines, the total was matched by the company, and the result was a donation of over $1,000 to fight hunger in our community!


PBJ Time!

Direct Supply - Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

If you’re familiar with Internet video culture, you might have stumbled across a video of a dancing bana

na shouting “Peanut Butter Jelly Time!” over and over. It’s just a goofy and fun video that someone put together, but recently, volunteers from Direct Supply took the chant to a whole new level—they made it their official food sorting theme. Every time a jar of peanut butter or jelly came through on the food sorting belt—which is quite often—the enthusiastic group broke out into “Peanut Butter Jelly Time!” This contagious, jubilant chorus kept the energy high throughout the three hour sort, and propelled the volunteers to sort 28,000 pounds of food. But after Peanut Butter Jelly Time ended at the food sort, Direct Supply didn’t stop their enthusiasm for helping out. They held a company Cereal Food Drive the very next week, and donated nearly 1,700 boxes of cereal to Hunger Task Force. They are truly a shining example of how volunteering can not only be rewarding, but can also spark a creative, fun passion for ending hunger. Thank you, Direct Supply!


matter of hungerIt's a Matter of Hunger
By Ivory Snowden

Man, woman and children without food or shelter.
They are going days, week and months,
not knowing where their next meal will be.
It can happen to anybody.
No money in the bank.
No job to go to.
Some people working in very low wage jobs.
We should give to those who are in need.
It will help build them up to a better life to live.
We can grow, if our basic needs are met.
No one should have to worry about their next meal.
Give so families can live.



A True Fairy Tale

Once upon a time… Hunger Task Force was running out of cereal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and too many kids were going to have to go to school, learn and play without eating in the morning unless something was done!  The students at Amy Montessori School in Brookfield heard the call. It was hard for these youngsters to grasp the idea that there are other children who do not have something as simple as cereal to eat in the morning before going to school.  They had to do something to help!  These children were tiny (they WERE all 4-6 years old after all…) in stature but large in numbers.  All 110 of them banded together to right this wrong.

At the beginning of the food drive, there were days when the youngest of the children were asking their parents to pick them up so they could see how much food was in the food drive boxes that they themselves collected. Then the day finally came when they no longer needed a lift to see what they had collected... there was 91 pounds of cereal overflowing in the box!

And all the princes and princesses lived happily ever after knowing that other children would have cereal in the morning!

Way to go Amy Montessori School, thanks for all of your hard work!


Souper Idea!soup contest

On Sunday, March 21, Congregation Emanu-El B'ne Jeshurun sponsored their 2nd annual Chicken Soup Cook-Off. Amateur and professional cooks came together and prepared their best chicken soup recipes to sample out to the crowd who paid a $5 admission fee. A buffet of vegetables, crackers, bread and dessert with beverages rounded out the meal.

The soups were tasted by over 60 people attending and judges and trophies were awarded to the top three entrants for both the amateur and professional categories.

Professional category winners:

  • The Glen cafe
  • Sendik’s-Mequon
  • The Good Life Catering

Amateur category winners

  • Bonnie Plotkin
  • Robert Jacobs
  • Peter Gilbert

The proceeds from this event will be split between Congregation Emanu-El B’ne Jeshurun and Hunger Task Force. Each chef was also asked to bring an extra gallon of their soup to be frozen and donated to a local meal program through Hunger Task Force.

Thanks Temple Brotherhood for making this day such a tasty one.


valentines day


Happy Valentine's Day

Al and Barbara Bern have made a tradition of donating to Hunger Task Force instead of buying gifts for friends. To acknowledge these gifts, Hunger Task Force sends out cards stating that a donation was made in their honor. This is fairly common, especially during December. This year the Bern's are getting creative. Instead of buying Valentine’s Day cards they made a monetary donation to Hunger Task Force and sent a list of everyone who should be honored by their gift.



A Little Friendly Food Sorting Competition…7th graders vs. 8th graders

On January 13, 2010, Pastor Margaret and the 7th grade eighth gradersConfirmation Class from St. Matthews Lutheran Church sorted an amazing 25,000 pounds of food!
The congregation was impressed and proud of their young people when the total was announced at church. There was, however, another group of young people who saw the accomplishments of the 7th grade class as a challenge. So, on January 20th, Hunger Task Force welcomed the 8th grade Confirmation Class, led by Pastor Chris of St. Matthews Lutheran Church. Both groups had excellent intentions and even bigger hearts, but the eighth graders had a height advantage and scored the victory by sorting 26,000 pounds! There are no losers in this story of course and the big winners are the hungry in Milwaukee because together these local young people sorted a total of 51,000 pounds of food.
Way to go St. Matthews Lutheran Church Confirmation Classes and thanks for all of your help, you are a great example of giving!


souper bowl of caringSouper Bowl of Caring

Greenfield Elementary School Student Council spearheaded a food drive in their school inspired by the “Souper Bowl of Caring”. ( ) The kids hosted a school wide food drive and the class that collected the most food was treated to a pizza party. An enthusiastic 5th grade class won. The school collected a whopping 2,975 pounds of food! Congratulations to Greenfield School for stepping up and choosing Hunger Task Force for their food collection.

Join the movement that is transforming Super Bowl weekend into the nation’s largest youth-led weekend of giving and serving. Souper Bowl of Caring equips and mobilizes congregations, schools and businesses to positively impact their communities by collecting money or food on or near Super Bowl weekend. 100% of the collections are donated directly to the charity of each group's choice.


"Monkey Pants" shares his birthdaymonkey pants

On a recent wintery Friday afternoon a young family pulled up to Dock 1 at Hunger Task Force with several boxes of food to donate. A fairly typical scene at 201 S. Hawley Court, but as the warehouse specialist started taking down the specifics of their donation, the young parents informed him that the food was being donated by their sons who recently turned 4 and 2 (see photo). "That's sweet," he smiled, not really understanding how literal the parents were being. Turns out that these young guys had learned that some boys and girls who lived near them did not have enough to eat some days. They didn't like thinking about how awful that must be so they asked friends and family to give them food for their recent birthdays instead of presents. A great example of giving and a great reminder that no matter the time of year, tis better to give than to receive!


Scout Pack 146

Pack 146Each winter, the 40 members of Cub Scout Pack 146 from Jefferson Elementary School in Wauwatosa go door to door in the neighborhood selling holiday wreaths. The money these youngsters raise from the wreaths goes toward their camping supplies and adventures for the upcoming summer. For their hard work, the scouts each get a bonus 10% of their total wreath sales. And in true Cub Scout fashion, they wanted to make their hard earned money help others. They knew that the post-holiday months are a tough time for many families, so they each decided to pool together a portion of their own earnings to help out those less fortunate. Together, they donated $80—a mountain of riches for kids who are not yet 10 years old—to Hunger Task Force. One scout even donated his entire sales bonus—what big hearts these little guys have! That $80 brought a lot of comfort to a lot of families this winter. Thank you Pack 146!


Braving Heartburn for a Good Causechili bowl

Cans and boxes of food dropped off for the hungry meant extra chili for the folks who stopped out to the Chili Bowl at the Harley-Davidson Museum on Sunday, January 31st. Over 25 restaurants competed for the “Golden Ladle” and year-long bragging rights as the baddest chili in town. This is the first year Hunger Task Force was involved in the event and it definitely won’t be the last as chili enthusiasts donated 1,247 pounds of food! Thank you to everyone who stopped out to donate food and consume copious amounts of chili and we’ll see you on January 30, 2011, AKA the Sunday before the Super Bowl!


Harley’s employees rev up to fight hunger

Harley-Davidson semiHarley-Davidson is already a partner in our fight against hunger through their Fueling Young Minds summer meal program, but it doesn’t stop there. Legendary companies stay at the top of the hill because they hire great employees and strive for excellence at every level. This past November, the 1,000 men and women in Powertrain Operations on Capitol Drive in Wauwatosa  had a competition to see which area could donate the most food per person, with the winners getting a pizza party. After two highly contested weeks, the results were 2,334 pounds of food and over $2,000 raised! And the kicker was that the winners decided to donate the money that would have gone to the pizza party to fight hunger as well, an additional $2000! Harley-Davidson and the people who make the machines you know and love, are truly a leader in the Milwaukee community.


The Tweet that Fed MilwaukeeKlements

It isn’t easy to put together 500 Holiday bins full of all the fixin’s that you have when friends and family come over, but Hunger Task Force worked together with generous donors from the Milwaukee community to get it done. Klement’s Sausage Company is one of these community leaders who saw the need and took action. The story begins on of all places… Twitter. Christina Klement became a follower @hungertaskforce and began reposting our tweets (messages) to support the agency. With holiday summer sausage in mind, a quick call to Christina led us to her uncle, Jeff, who didn’t have to think twice to offer us twice as much delicious Klement’s product than we asked for! As a result each Holiday bin recipient will be able to put out plenty of sausage and cheese plates for guests this year. Thank you Klement’s!


boy scouts

Scout Pack 574

Each November, Cub Scout Pack 574 from Edgerton Elementary School works on a community service project. This year, the boys decided to collect food for Hunger Task Force. In an effort to make the drive even bigger, they decided to join forces with the Girl Scouts from their school. These kids in grades 1 - 5 are well aware of how fortunate they are to have food available to them whenever they want. They find it hard to imagine what it might be like going without a meal for even one day, not to mention those who may go longer.

The boys and girls collected from their friends and families. They encouraged parents and relatives coming to their holiday concerts at school to bring a non-perishable food item with them and place it in the Hunger Task Force bins before the concerts. The Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts made posters to hang throughout the school to remind their classmates of the food drive.


Gift of the Month

When we asked Phil from Oak Creek if we could include his story in our Great Examples of Giving, he politely declined. He explained he wasn't stopping by our office for any sort of recognition, he just wanted to do what he could to help. He sensed our disappointment and agreed we could share his story, but not his full name or image. Phil stops by once a month, twelve months a year, to drop off much needed infant formula. Phil does not have little ones at home, this isn't leftover or extra formula. He makes a special trip to the store to make this special, expensive purchase each month, then stops by the office to quietly donate.

We respectfully are not sharing his image or his last name, but we happily share his story and his great example of giving.


MillerCoors hits a home run!

After a long day at the MillerCoors Brewery, employees will stop into the Frederick Miller Pub (or Fred’s Pub if you are in the know…) to unwind. Instead of the standard pool table or darts, this bar features a flat screen TV and a Nintendo Wii set-up for the employees to compete with each other for bragging rights. To launch the newest addition to Fred’s Pub, Guest Relations Coordinator Matt Mleziva held a Home Run Derby with the Wii Sports game and charged players $1 or one can of food to enter. The top 3 sluggers won prizes and all proceeds benefit the Hunger Task Force.



When people think Milwaukee, they think cycles. Sure, we are home to one of the most cyclistsinternationally recognized motorcycling companies, but we also have a historic tie to bicycling culture: Milwaukee has been the proud home of bike messengers since 1891, when a charming 12-year old convinced Western Union that he could deliver packages faster than any horse or man. The rest, as they say, is history.

More recently, the non-motorized version of cycling is gaining popularity once more, thanks to the stylistic rise of the fixed gear bicycle. Bike messengers and fixed-gear enthusiasts alike have created a subclulture unto themselves, and have begun to participate in a national movement to use cycling to give back to those less fortunate. Enter Cranksgiving, a ten-year old commitment from bike racers across the nation to fill their messenger bags for the hungry. For the past two years Steve Kasprzyk has been organizing this alley-cat ract to benefit Hunger Task Force. This year the cyclists took to the streets bringing in over 1,000 pounds of food!


Roundy's check donation

Breakfast is on Roundy’s

Vivian King and the folks at Roundy’s know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day better than most, with their Pick 'n Save, Copps and Metro Market stores found throughout Wisconsin. On the week before Thanksgiving they backed a truck completely full of Roundy’s Corn Flakes, Tasteeos, and Frosted Shredded Wheat to our dock. Hunger Task Force staff unloaded 28 pallets (that’s 7,920 boxes!) of cereal to distribute to folks who may be skipping breakfast because well, they can’t afford to eat THREE whole meals a day. But for Roundy’s that wasn’t enough. They wrote a check for over $14,000 above and beyond the cereal to take care of milk and other breakfast items. Thank you to Roundy’s a local company that knows the people in our community and works hard to make sure that no one has to skip a meal, especially breakfast.


Gobble for GroceriesGobble For Groceries

The Tau Kappa Epsilon brothers (or “Tekes”) at UW-Milwaukee aren’t your average fraternity. They don’t do panty raids or leave horses in the Dean’s office. They help feed the hungry and they do it in style. In the weeks before Thanksgiving when you drive up and down Oakland Avenue near the UWM campus, look out for giant turkeys and pilgrims running up and down the sidewalk raising food and money for Hunger Task Force. Stop by the Open Pantry right next to their house and buy some groceries or just throw a couple bucks at them. It all goes toward fighting hunger. They have raised more than 4000 pounds of food since 2004 for Hunger Task Force. A great big thank you to the Tekes for making the commitment to fight hunger and no, we don’t really need to know what is in those red plastic cups you are holding while you are doing it.


Evan's Lemonade

Evan's Lemonade

In the summer of 2009 a young man growing up in the suburbs of Milwaukee decided that he was going to do more with his vacation than play video games or watch TV. He was going to set up a good, old fashioned lemonade stand! Sweet story, right? Well it gets better. Evan wasn't just selling lemonade to make money for himself, he wanted to raise money for Hunger Task Force so he could help out kids in Milwaukee who weren't as fortunate as he is. Over the course of the summer, which was not especially hot which was not so good for business, Evan and his staff (CJ, seated on the left) raised $100 for his hungry neighbors. This is easily the largest amount ever donated by a boy with funds raised by selling lemonade. And that is what makes it a great example of giving!


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