Palermos Easter Baskets

Wisconsin is filled with wonderful companies that not only make great products, they are staffed with great people as well.

Palermo's Pizza makes delicious pizzas, but they do so much more. Each spring it has become a tradition for their staff to partner with Hunger Task Force to assemble and deliver Easter baskets of food to community families who would not otherwise be able to enjoy a holiday meal. The Easter Baskets for the Hungry program provides meals to families in need for the holiday, as well as the following week when so many kids are home from school and missing their school lunch.

Baskets include holiday favorites such as ham, jellybeans and all the ingredients for green bean casserole.

“Sharing a good meal together - particularly during the holidays - is so important and we're thankful that we can make this possible for local families this Easter season," said Giacomo Fallucca, president and CEO, Palermo's Pizza. "The Easter Baskets program has become our own family tradition and we extend a special thank you to all of our community partners for their support."

Palermo’s partnership with Hunger Task Force emphasizes the company’s commitment to reduce the number of families who go without a meal this season.

Palermo's Easter Basket Filling
(video: Darren Hauck)


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