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What We’re Fighting For In 2015

Our Advocacy team’s goal is to prevent future hunger by promoting anti-hunger social policies.  We faced a couple big challenges last year, and will face many more in 2015.  Here we take a quick look back, then ahead to 3 major challenges we will face in 2015.

A Quick Look Back:

1. FoodShare cuts hurt:

255,000 familes saw most of their FoodShare disappear without warning last year.  With your help, we sent the most emails to an elected representative since we started tracking that statistic. We organized a trip to Madison for 3 seniors hurt by the cuts (see video), and worked with legislators to introduce a bill to solve the problem (see here).

2. School Breakfast works:

We knew there was a big opportunity to feed kids in low-income school districts by promoting a new federal program (Community Eligibility). This would allow qualifying districts to serve free meals to all students.  We did a massive outreach and education campaign, and now over 350 schools in 75 districts across the state are feeding more children, fighting hunger and improving performance in the classroom (read more here).

2014 was a big year. 2015 will be bigger. It needs to be.


3 Things We'll Be Fighting For In 2015:

1. An end to attacks on hungry families

We expect to see hungry families have to face everything from drug-testing to get access to food, to being singled out at the grocery store for their food purchases or for having their ID checked before making purchases.  We tend to forget that most people on FoodShare are either children, seniors or people with a disability.  We’ll be fighting to make sure that everyone has a right to adequate food with DIGNITY.

2. Ending Childhood Hunger

We took a major step forward with over 350 schools adopting a new program that feeds more students in low-income areas.  But more needs to be done. Wisconsin ranked 49th in the country on serving school breakfast in a recent study. We can do better.  300 qualifying schools can still apply for this program and we can work with districts to switch to School Breakfast models that are proven to work better. (read more here)

3. Increased Outreach and Education

We have staff throughout Milwaukee County helping to connect hungry families to resources (see an example here) and an Educator that travels throughout the state giving educational presentations for schools, community groups and others on issues affecting hunger. We also offer an original 1-2 hour simulation that role-plays what it is like to struggle to feed your family when things get tough. (want an educational presentation? Read more here)

2015 will be a big year.

Thank you so much for all of your help in 2014. This year, we'll need you again!  If you have thought about joining Voices Against Hunger before, now is the time.

Let’s make 2015 a year of action. Sign up here.



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