Hunger Task Force FoodShare Supervisor Carmen Delvalle Has Built Her Career Helping People Secure Their Basic Needs

Feb 2, 2024

50 Faces. 50 Stories. 50 Years of Fighting Hunger.

Hunger Task Force is proud to be Milwaukee’s only Free & Local food bank and Wisconsin’s anti-hunger leader. In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, Hunger Task Force is highlighting “50 Faces of Ending Hunger,” honoring the anti-hunger heroes who champion Free & Local and support our mission to end hunger.


Seven years ago, Carmen Delvalle joined the Hunger Task Force team as a FoodShare Advocate to ensure low-income residents of Milwaukee understand how to apply for and maintain FoodShare benefits and connect them to other federal nutrition programs for which they may qualify.

“My favorite thing about my job is providing security for clients through FoodShare,” said Delvalle. “So many clients come in concerned, but, because of me and my team, they leave feeling confident knowing their rights to the federal benefits.”

Carmen’s relationship with Hunger Task Force pre-dates her time working as a full-time team member. Prior, she served as a state worker who was assigned to Hunger Task Force to troubleshoot any FoodShare cases that needed it. Loving the population Hunger Task Force serves on the South Side so much, she joined the team to ensure she could continue to support the Hunger Task Force mission, she believes wholeheartedly in, and provide life-changing services to the community.

Today as a FoodShare Supervisor, with 20 years of experience serving Milwaukee’s South Side, Carmen oversees the Robles FoodShare Resource Center and manages a talented team of seven FoodShare Advocates. She, and her team, take pride in educating the many people who walk through the door about FoodShare so they can take matters into their own hands to keep their benefits and learn how to advocate for themselves.

“I know that language is a barrier to FoodShare,” adds Delvalle. “At the Robles FoodShare Resource Center, our staff speaks four different languages, primarily Spanish, to make sure it’s accessible to everyone.”

Carmen’s one wish is to end hunger! Join Hunger Task Force in our mission to ensure every person has a right to healthy food obtained with dignity.

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