Get Help Now: COVID-19

Get Help During the Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

Hunger Task Force is Milwaukee’s Free & Local food bank and Wisconsin’s anti-hunger leader. Hunger Task Force will remain open in service to seniors, low-income households and children throughout Milwaukee County.

Afford Groceries With FoodShare

Since Februrary 2020, more than 90,000 additional people have enrolled in the largest nutrition program in the state: FoodShare. If you have become unemployed or lost hours or income at work, FoodShare can help supplement your grocery budget. Hunger Task Force has information about who is eligible, how the program works, and resources to help walk you through the application. 

Find out everything else you need to know about FoodShare (formerly Food Stamps).

Closures & Emergency Food

Hunger Task Force continues to plan for and accommodate food pantry and program closures and decreased access to emergency food as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Hunger Task Force has created a list of confirmed, trusted sites that continue to provide food safely and reliably.

The map below lists public senior Stockbox sites, school meal sites and outdoor emergency food distribution sites in Milwaukee. Search by zip code in the upper left hand corner to see a list of all the sites in your area. Then, click on individual sites to see details: days and times of service, type of program, etc.

This resource is updated daily. Check with your local community food pantry directly for hours of operation. 

Looking for Help with Food?

Hunger Task Force is a food bank that supplies food to emergency food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters. We also partner with locations that provide school meals, distribute Stockboxes to seniors and help people sign up for FoodShare. Throughout the pandemic, Hunger Task Force has operated as an essential service.

Grocery stores will continue to be your first and best place to obtain food. Food pantries and Hunger Task Force services are for people with little or no money for food. Consider the following questions when wondering about food.

What is your need for emergency food today?

If you have food on hand in your home, you do not need emergency food. Shelter in place.

Do you have little or no food in your home?

If you have little or no food in your home, visit a food pantry. Check the map above to see which pantry is closest nearby.

If there are children in your home, you can also obtain school meals. Visit the map for schools offering “grab and go” school meals.

If there is a low-income adult age 60 or older in your home, they can receive a Stockbox. Check the map for drive-thru locations.

If you are recently unemployed, laid off, or have had your hours reduced, apply for FoodShare at Do you not need to go to the welfare office; you may apply online.

Are you worried about running out of food?

Food pantries, soup kitchens, “grab and go” school meals and Hunger Task Force will continue to operate during this period. There is enough food to ensure Milwaukeeans stay fed.

Are you looking for homebound delivery?

Food pantries, soup kitchens and food banks do not provide homebound delivery. Ask yourself “Who normally helps me?” and contact them for help to get food picked up. You can shelter in place and provide a note allowing this individual to be a proxy for emergency food. Give this note to your support person for a drive-thru distribution or to pick-up a Stockbox and they can pick it up for you.

Senior Stockbox

A Stockbox is a free box of healthy food for people age 60+ with a monthly income of $1,383 or less ($1,868 for a two-person household).

All Stockboxes include cereal, milk, canned veggies and fruits, pasta or rice, protein, fruit juice, canned meats and 2 pounds of cheese. Stockboxes will be available at public sites and distributed via drive-thru so that recipients do not need to get out of their cars.

It’s okay to bring a friend or send a family member to pick up a Stockbox. The signing and interview process are also being waived.

Mobile Market

Everyone is welcome to shop aboard the Mobile Market. The Market is a grocery store on wheels that delivers access to fresh produce, meat and dairy to food desert neighborhoods.

The Mobile Market operates Monday through Friday, and will continue its regularly scheduled service in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha Counties for the foreseeable future. Shoppers receive a 25% discount on all groceries.

Volunteers are standing by to help individuals shop the Mobile Market to keep everyone safe and healthy.