Hunger Task Force

Ending Hunger is Our Mission

Summer Meals

Summer is the peak time for childhood hunger. Through the Summer Meals program, kids 18 and under can receive meals this summer at supervised locations like schools, parks and community centers throughout Milwaukee.

Dial 2-1-1 or visit for meal times and locations closest to your zip code. Check back after June 6 for updates.

Together, we can all make a difference.

Adventurous Young Minds2742 N. Highland Blvd.53208
Agape Community Center6100 N. 42nd St.53209
All Peoples Church2600 N. 2nd St.53212
Allen Field730 W. Lapham Blvd.53204
Arlington Heights3429 W. Pierce St.53215
Audubon3300 S. 39th St. 53215
Auer2319 W. Auer Ave.53206
Barnard Park3300 W. Barnard Ave.53221
Beautiful Savior Lutheran School3012 N. Holton Ave.53212
Bethesda Baptist Church2909 N. 20th St.53206
Bethune1535 N. 35th St.53208
Blessed Savior5140 N. 55th St.53218
Boys & Girls Club
4834 N. 35th St.53209
Boys & Girls Club
733 Linden St.
Boys & Girls Club
2939 N. 15th St.53206
Boys & Girls Club
Mary Ryan
3000 N. Sherman53210
Boys & Girls Club
Pieper Hillside
611 W. Cherry St.53212
Bradley Tech700 S. 4th St.53204
Brown St.2029 N. 20th St.53205
Browning5440 N. 64th St.53218
Bruce Elementary6453 N. 89th St.53224
Burdick4348 S. Griffin Ave.53207
Burnham Park1755 S. 32nd St.53215
Calvary Baptist Church2959 N. Teutonia Ave.53206
Carson4920 W. Capital Dr.53216
Carver Park911 W. Brown St.53205
Cass1647 N. Cass St.53202
Clarke2816 W. Clarke St.53210
Clarke Square2300 W. Vieau Pl.53204
Clement Ave.3666 S. Clement Ave.53207
Clinton Rose390 W. Chambers53212
Clovernook Playground6594 N. Landers St.53223
Columbia Park1354 W. Columbia53206
Columbus Park74th & Courtland Ave.53218
Custer Playfield4001 W. Custer53209
Doerfler3014 W. Scott St.53215
Eighty-First St.2964 N. 81st St.53222
Elm900 W. Walnut53205
Engleberg5100 N. 91st St.53225
Epic Community Center1236 S. Layton Bl.53215
Epistle Church2407 W. Nash53206
Eternal Life Church650 W. Reservoir Ave.53212
Fifty-Third St.3618 N. 53rd St.53216
Forest Home1516 W. Forest Home53204
Franklin Elementary2060 S. 86th St.53227
Fratney3255 N. Fratney St.53212
Geths Garden Fell Church5366 N. 47th St.53218
God's Glory7017 W. Medford53218
Grant School2920 W. Grant St.53215
Grantosa4850 N. 82nd St.53218
Greater Praise Church5422 W. Center53210
Green Tree Community Center3744 W. Green Tree Rd.53209
Greenfield1711 S. 35th St.53215
Hawley5610 W. Wisconsin Ave.53213
Hawthorne Elementary6945 N. 41st St.53209
Hayes971 Windlake Ave.53204
Hephatha Church1720 W. Locust St.53026
Holmes2463 N. Buffum St.53212
Holt Ave. Playground1716 W. Holt Ave.53215
Holy Temple 1st Born4960 N. 18th St.53209
Honey Creek6701 E. Eden Pl.53220
Hopkins Lloyd1503 W. Hopkins St.53206
IDEAL1420 E. Goldcrest Ave.53221
Irving Elementary10230 W. Grant St.53227
Jackson2121 W. Hadley St.53206
Janus College Prep161 W. Wisconsin53208
Jefferson Elementary7229 W. Becher St. 53219
Jesus Soul Saving9526 W. Allyn St.53224
JoyHouse830 N. 19th St.53233
Kagel1210 W. Mineral St.53204
KCC2201 S. 7th St.53215
Keefe1618 W. Keefe Ave.53206
King Center1531 W. Vliet St.53205
Kluge5760 N. 67th St.53218
LaFollette3239 N. 9th St.53206
Lancaster4931 N. 68th St.53218
Layton Gardens2200 W. Layton Ave.53221
Liberty Heights Park1540 S. 62nd St.53214
Lighthouse Garden Homes2475 W. Roosevelt Dr.53209
Lighthouse Havenwoods5641 N. 68th St.53218
Lincoln Center for the Arts820 E. Knapp53202
Lincoln Intermediate7815 W. Lapham Ave.53214
Lindberg Park3629 N. 16th St.53206
Lindsay Commons2111 W. Galena53208
Lindsay Park4360 N. 87th St.53222
Lloyd Barbee4456 N. Teutonia Ave.53209
Longfellow1021 S. 21st St.53204
Longfellow Elementary2211 S. 60th St.53219
M Parkside2969 S. Howell Ave.53207
MACL2430 W. Wisconsin Ave.53233
Madison8135 W. Florist Ave.53218
Malcolm X Academy2760 N. 1st St.53212
Manitoba4040 W. Forest Home53215
Maple Tree6644 N. 107th St.53224
McKinley Park1000 S. 72nd St.53214
Meir227 W. Pleasant Ave.53212
Mercy Memorial2477 N. 36th St.53210
Merrill Park461 N. 35th St.53208
Metcalfe3400 W. North Ave.53208
Milwaukee High School of the Arts2300 W. Highland53233
Mitchell Park524 S. Layton Blvd.53215
Mitchell Street1728 S. 23rd St.53204
Modrzejewski Park1020 W. Cleveland53215
Moody Pavillion2221 W. Auer Ave.53206
Morgan Grove Family Center3459 S. 110th St.53227
Morgandale3635 S. 17th St.53221
MPS Ben Franklin2308 W. Nash St.53206
MPS Carmen Playfield7320 W. Carmen Ave.53218
MPS Clovernook6594 N. Landers53223
MSOL8400 W. Burleigh53222
Mt. Carmel Miss Baptist Church1717 W. Meinicke53206
Nehemiah3725 N. Sherman Blvd.53216
New Hope Youth & Family Services6001 W. Center St.53210
New Testament Central City Church2400 W. Center St.53206
North1011 W. Center St.53206
Northcott Academy2460 N. 4th St.53212
Northwest YMCA9050 N. Swan Bl.53224
Our Lady Guadalupe621 S. 4th53204
Parkside Elementary2552 S. 19th St.53215
Pershing Elementary1330 S. 47th St.53214
Pierce2765 N. Fratney St.53212
Reagan24th & Lapham53207
Reiske Park2400 W. Lapham53204
Riley2424 S. 4th St.53207
Rite Hite YMCA9250 N. Green Bay Ave.53209
Riverside1615 E. Locust Ave.53211
Rocketship School3003 W. Cleveland53215
Rogers2430 W. Rogers53204
Rufus King1801 W. Olive St.53209
Running Rebels1300 W. Fond du Lac Ave.53205
Sharon Jr. Academy1369 W. Meineke Ave.53206
Sherman5110 W. Locust St.53210
Sierfert1547 N. 14th St.53205
Smith Park5462 N. 33rd St.53209
SOS4620 W. North Ave.53208
South Division1515 W. Lapham Bl.53204
St. Adalberts Church1923 W. Becher St.53215
St. Mark AME Church1616 W. Atkinson53206
St. Martini1557 W. Orchard53204
St. Martini Lutheran Church1520 S. Cesar Chavez Dr.53204
Stark4951 N. 40th St.53209
Story3815 W. Kilbourn Ave53208
Thoreau7878 N. 60th St.53223
Townsend3360 N. Sherman53216
Transitions2610 W. North Ave.53205
True Love Miss. Baptist Church210 W. Keefe Ave.53208
Urban Ecology - Washington Park1859 N. 40th St.53208
Urban Underground4850 W. Fond du Lac Ave.53226
Vieau823 S. 4th St.53204
Village of Hope1531 W. Vliet St.53205
Vincent7501 N. Granville Rd.53224
Wahl4750 N. 48th St.53218
Walker Elementary900 S. 119th St.53214
Washington2525 N. Sherman53210
Wedgewood6506 W. Warnimont53220
West Milwaukee Park5000 W. Burnham St.53214
Westside II1940 N. 36th St.53208
White Birch 19001 N. 75th St.53223
Whitman4200 S. 54th St.53220
Wilson Elementary8710 W. Orchard St.53214
Windsor Court1811 W. Juneau Ave.53223
Woodland9015 N. Swan Bl.53224
Wyrich Park5400 W. Green Tree Rd.53223
YMCA Greene Park4235 S. Lipton Ave.
St. Francis
YMCA Lincoln Park1301 W. Hampton Ave.53209
YMCA Parklawn4340 N. 46th St.53216
YMCA Wilson Park1601 W. Howard Ave.53207
Young Minds Tutoring2200 N. 12th St.53206
Zablocki1016 W. Oklahoma53215
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