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Hunger Task Force MyPlate FAQs

Other Important Hunger Task Force MyPlate FAQs


Why is Hunger Task Force refusing items like soda, chips and ramen noodles?

Our commitment to our core values prevents us from passing on foods that are unhealthy. We think critically about food quality and encourage others to join us.

Will Hunger Task Force continue to supply holiday meals?

Absolutely – everyone indulges during the holidays. Moderation is the key to healthy eating.

What do you do with donated foods that are not nutritious?

Hunger Task Force has a long standing tradition of sorting food, and any food that is aging, damaged, expired or improperly labeled is discarded. The best use for these foods is composting or as a source of renewable energy. Volunteers and donors are encouraged to learn about Preferred Food Items of the Hunger Task Force MyPlate and donate foods on that list.

How will you educate people who don’t think healthy eating is important?

The Hunger Task Force My Plate model is an educational tool, both for people visiting a food pantry and donors who contribute to Hunger Task Force. Everyone can learn from this model. Our plan is to teach people, one at a time, until we educate our entire community about the importance of healthy eating.

I want my donations to make an impact but can’t afford expensive items. What can I donate?

Canned vegetables low in sodium, low-fat boxed milk, spaghetti sauce with no sugar added, fruit in its own juice, and tuna or chicken in a can or pouch are all affordable items that can be donated. Pass on items that don’t fit into the Hunger Task Force MyPlate model, such as packaged ramen noodles. Every item matters and we appreciate your donation.