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Food for Today is a hunger simulation lasting about 90 minutes. The goal? To provide one's family with sufficient, healthy food every day.

First Half
People are assigned different roles: some will try to obtain food, playing community members like families, seniors, or single mothers while others will run businesses, non-profits, or government agencies. People rotate throughout the stations to provide food for themselves and their families for three simulated days.  But no one knows what curveballs life might throw at them as they move through each day.

Second Half
All participants debrief the first half and discuss community and government resources which can assist hungry families and individuals. Participants learn about the causes of hunger and get ideas for ways to take action to help alleviate hunger.

Food for Today is ideal for community or social social service organizations, places of worship, colleges, and workplaces. It requires 20-50 adult participants as well as eight tables and seats for all participants. The host location should offer sufficient space for participants to walk around.

Schedule your Food for Today presentation by contacting Trace Matabele, Hunger Task Force Educator, via email or (414) 238-6470.


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