Hunger Relief Federation

The Hunger Relief Federation of Wisconsin is a statewide association of independent food banks and food pantries, formed for the express purpose of mutual benefit in matters related to funding, resource sharing and public policy organizing.

Hunger Task Force is the founding member of the Hunger Relief Federation, bringing together free and local partners from across the state. The Hunger Relief Federation of Wisconsin aims to connect anti-hunger advocate partners throughout the state to engage and expand the Free, Local, Independent model.

Each local member of the Hunger Relief Federation of Wisconsin works to serve the specific needs in their community and has developed a comprehensive plan to combat hunger in their region. Together, federation members agree to maintain a healthy, robust network of free and local food banks and pantries focused on collaboration, building capacity, sharing resources, supporting local communities and food systems and advocating for policies to end future hunger in the state of Wisconsin.

HRF Member Benefits:

  • Peer-to-Peer Network
  • Capacity building and technical resources
  • Anti-hunger policy updates
  • Training opportunities for volunteers, staff and community
  • Food and fundraising network
  • Advocacy and outreach resources
  • Venues to communicate with policymakers
  • Leadership in strategy and message development
  • Identification and facilitation of sharing information, resources and best practices
  • Training in best practices for handling food safely, determining need, providing qualified assistance and preventing future hunger
  • Optional participation in the Hunger Relief Fund workplace giving campaign

HRF Member Expectations:

  • Serve the specific needs of your community
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to combat hunger in your region
  • Food is provided free of charge – do not charge clients or other organizations a membership or delivery fee
  • Food is not to be exchanged or bartered – do not require service clientele participation in a program of social work, employment or worship in exchange for food
  • Uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct
  • Comply with Federal and State Civil Rights compliance requirements
  • Provide the highest levels of service in all areas to address short and long-term solutions to hunger
  • Institute and maintain consistent operational practices of accountability for equitable distribution of food resources
  • Improve food security by referring service clients to existing community services
  • Support Federal supplemental food programs critical in stabilizing households with persistent food needs

Connecting Wisconsin: Bridging Communities for Collective Growth & Resilience

Hunger Task Force will host Hunger Relief Federation members for an in-person summit on October 3-4, 2024.

Members from across the state will come together in Stevens Point, WI at the Stevens Point Convention Center for a day and a half of networking, resource sharing, learning and collective growth. This is the first summit since 2019, and we are eager to host our membership.


Brandon Savage

Hunger Relief Federation Manager

Mark Lisowski

Hunger Relief Federation Organizer

Meet Our Hunger Relief Federation Member Antigo Community Food Pantry

The Antigo Food Pantry, part of the Hunger Relief Federation, has been aiding Langley County for eight years by distributing nutritious food with dignity to those in need. Focused on balanced nutrition, the pantry follows the USDA MyPlate policy, providing fresh fruits and vegetables while limiting unhealthy options. In 2024 alone, they have served over 1,181 individuals and welcomed 57 new households.

Hunger Task Force Heads to Washington D.C. for Anti-Hunger Policy Conference

Explore the key takeaways from the Food Research & Action Center’s National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference attended by the Hunger Task Force team. Learn about their insights on SNAP, the Farm Bill, and innovative anti-hunger strategies to ensure meals for all.

Hunger Task Force Helps St. Joseph Food Program and Walworth County Food & Diaper Bank Go the Extra Mile

Capacity is key when it comes to serving the community. Hunger Task Force is pleased to have made it possible for St. Joseph Food Program and Walworth County Food & Diaper Bank to receive a new refrigerated truck to enable both organizations to provide more fresh food to neighbors in need than ever before.

ARPA Support Fuels Growth and Efficiency at Wisconsin Food Pantries

Nestled in the heart of Pepin County, the Durand Area Food Pantry has been a beacon of hope for families facing hunger since the 1980s. Led by dedicated administrator Marcia Bauer, the pantry has not only weathered the pandemic storm but also emerged stronger thanks to its membership in the Hunger Relief Federation of Wisconsin and the transformative power of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

Unlocking Resources, Preserving Dignity: The Crucial Role of Pantry Intake Conversations

Pantry intake interviews, though potentially uncomfortable, are crucial for understanding client needs and connecting them with vital resources like FoodShare and WIC. Effective intake practices not only alleviate immediate hunger but also empower clients and strengthen pantries in the long run.

The Neighbors’ Place: Hunger Relief Federation Partner Nourishing Our Central Wisconsin Neighbors

The Neighbors’ Place is the largest food pantry in Marathon County, serving over 3,200 families. They provide food with dignity through their innovative Market, a choice pantry that allows guests to select nutritious groceries based on their needs.

Replacement for FoodShare Benefits

Current FoodShare members who lose food purchased with FoodShare benefits due to a flood, a fire, or other household misfortune – including loss of power – can request the replacement benefits from the State.

Local Seniors Look for Solutions After Badger Box Funding Ends

The Badger Box program – a pandemic-era resource – is ending, leaving thousands of people across Wisconsin looking for new solutions. The Badger Box program started during the pandemic to help Wisconsinites keep food on the table. Earlier this year, the Wisconsin legislature voted down a measure that would add Badger Box funding to the state budget.

Hunger Task Force Participates in White House “Communities in Action: Building a Better Wisconsin”

Hunger Task Force attended an exclusive conference at the White House: Communities in Action: Building a Better Wisconsin. The half-day conference invited select Wisconsin leaders to share real-life examples, data, and anecdotes of the local impact the Biden-Harris Administration has contributed to in their community and across Wisconsin.

A Uniquely Wisconsin Solution to Hunger

Chieftain Wild Rice and Rice River Farms was one of the original Badger Box partners when the program was launched in early 2022. A Badger Box is a box of Wisconsin-grown and produced foods sourced from small and medium-sized Wisconsin farmers and food producers, distributed monthly through distribution centers of the Hunger Relief Federation.

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