Hunger Task Force Farm

Spanning 208 acres in the Franklin, Wisconsin, the Hunger Task Force Farm is a unique source of fresh produce that acts as a lifeline for the community. During growing seasons, with help from nearly 6,000 volunteers, The Farm harvests over half a million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, a welcome addition to the food bank’s offerings.

A wide offering of nutritious, culturally familiar foods for our diverse community is key at the Hunger Task Force Farm. Farmers cultivate 70 varieties of 28 different crops, ensuring a well-rounded selection for those in need.

Sustainability is a core principle at the Farm. Farmers utilize practices like crop rotation, drip irrigation and beekeeping to nurture the land while maximizing yields. This dedication ensures a bountiful harvest year after year, providing fresh, nutritious food for Milwaukee’s hungry residents.

Harley-Davidson has been a strong supporter of the Hunger Task Force Farm since 2012, when it was established as a Signature Program. In 2021, Harley-Davidson announced that the company would support critical work at The Farm for another three years!

Volunteer at The Farm

Dig in with us at The Farm and help us provide fresh fruits and vegetables to families in need! Groups and individuals welcome.


Take your support of the Hunger Task Force Farm to the next level. The Farm relies on support to provide healthy fresh food to families.

Nutrition Education

Our Hunger Task Force Farm isn’t just about growing fresh produce for our community; it’s also a vibrant classroom! Through our Farm-to-School program, Hunger Task Force take students on a journey from seed to plate. By getting their hands dirty in the School Garden and learning about different fruits and vegetables, local students gain a newfound appreciation for healthy eating. In our on-site demonstration kitchen, they put their knowledge to the test, creating delicious and nutritious recipes. This hands-on experience empowers them to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. Learn more.


A farmer named Edmund Carman purchased 160 acres of farmland in 1839, creating the Carman family dairy farm and homestead (before Wisconsin was even a state!). The Burwood Stock Farm then purchased the property from the Carman’s in 1930 and subsequently sold it in 1946, when the Milwaukee County House of Corrections Work Farm was established.

In 2012, Hunger Task Force signed a historic, 30-year lease with Milwaukee County Parks that allows Hunger Task Force farmers to operate more than 200 acres of farmland and natural areas. Today, more than 25 different varieties of fruits and vegetables are grown each season to feed children, seniors and families in our community.


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Meet the new faces of Hunger Task Force

The principal strength of Hunger Task Force is its compassionate and committed staff. This month, Hunger Task Force is proud to announce the addition of three new faces to our Food, Farm and Development teams. We are thrilled to welcome Afi, Chris and Shahree to...

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