Two food organizations team up to provide ‘Stockboxes’ for seniors

Feb 1, 2024

By: Veonna King,

WAUSAU (WAOW) — The term “no one should go to bed hungry” is a statement that the Hunger Task Force and The Neighbors’ Place have taken seriously.

The two organizations began their ‘Stockbox’ program as a way to ensure that low-income seniors receive healthy food every month.

” As many as 40% of the people that are using the food stamp program here in Wisconsin are elderly, blind, or disabled. The problem with senior hunger has been pretty silent, if you think about how their incomes are stable but small and their expenses continue to raise and they often need help with food,” said Hunger Task Force CEO, Sherrie Tussler.

The Stockboxes include cereal, milk, canned vegetables and more. Leaders at The Neighbors’ Place explain the minimum requirements to receive one. 

“The Stockbox is a box that is eligible to individuals that are 60-plus and we provide them every Thursday of each month,” said The Neighbors’ Place office manager, Mandi Spiegelberg.

The boxes are free and you can visit The Neighbors’ Place at 360 Grand Ave Ste 200, Wausau or call at (715) 845-1966 to sign up. 

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