FoodShare Advocates Are Helping College Students Enroll in FoodShare

Jul 3, 2024

FoodShare is the first line of defense against hunger. At Hunger Task Force, we have a talented team of FoodShare Advocates who work diligently to get qualifying individuals enrolled in the program absolutely free of charge.

Our advocates at the Robles Resource Center on Milwaukee’s South Side focus on helping college students enroll in FoodShare, recognizing the financial pressures they face while pursuing their degrees.

One of our advocates shared, “When I was a resident assistant for four years in college, I supervised 60 students and saw a lot of the struggles they go through – and food insecurity was the most prevalent one. When I got the opportunity to help students through my role at Hunger Task Force, I championed it.”

Our advocates also help Hispanic area residents enroll in FoodShare in Spanish from the Robles Resource Center. “When you see someone who looks like you and talks like you, it makes it more relatable and approachable for someone to ask you for help,” another advocate mentioned.

Recognizing the stigmas within the Hispanic culture when it comes to asking for help and discussing immigration status, our advocates ensure all Spanish-speaking clients know that everyone has a right to apply for FoodShare regardless of their citizenship status.

Our team regularly receives inquiries about healthcare, childcare, transportation, and additional resources. To address this, one of our advocates created a resource excel sheet containing information needed to point people in the right direction to get access to the resources they need.

We are proud of our FoodShare advocates and their dedication to making it easier for people to maintain access to healthy food at a more affordable price.

Hunger Task Force is Milwaukee’s Free & Local food bank and Wisconsin’s anti-hunger leader. The organization’s core values are Dignity, Justice, Equity, Compassion and Stewardship. Hunger Task Force feeds people today by providing healthy and culturally appropriate food to hungry children, families and seniors in the community absolutely free of charge. Hunger Task Force also works to end future hunger by advocating for strong public policies and nutrition programs at the local, state and federal level.