Meet Our Hunger Relief Federation Member Antigo Community Food Pantry

Jul 8, 2024

Hunger Task Force is the founding member of the Hunger Relief Federation, which is a statewide association of independent food banks and food pantries. Antigo Food Pantry, a member of the federation for eight years, is helping children, families and seniors in need by distributing healthy food with dignity in Langley County.

The goal of the food pantry is to educate and support clients in making balanced and healthy food choices. It operates using the USDA MyPlate nutritional policy that showcases the five main food groups as presented on a plate and encourages clients to eat healthy foods by choosing the right types and amounts of food to provide a well-balanced diet. The pantry provides fresh fruit and vegetables at every distribution and limits the distribution of foods with refined grains, added sugars, trans fats, sodium, solid fats and high fructose corn syrup to support client health concerns, including high blood pressure, weight, mental health and diabetes.

To date in 2024, the food pantry has served 1,181 individuals and 57 first-time households.

“Hunger Task Force has provided us with pertinent information we need to know about hunger relief in Wisconsin,” said Rachael Bolen, director of the Antigo Community Food Pantry. “The organization is our eyes and ears out there to keep us informed of what’s going on in our world that pertains to what we do. Because I am the only full-time member of the team, I do not have the capacity for policy monitoring.”

Antigo Community Food Pantry is a volunteer-run organization that relies on generous community members donating nearly 10,000 volunteer hours each year. What’s more, the pantry receives generous community donations of meat, produce and baked goods for local organizations including Walmart, Kwik Trip and Pick N’ Save.