Hunger Task Force

Ending Hunger is Our Mission


Donate healthy food.

Hunger is a problem every day and food donations are needed year-round. Donate healthy foods to help ensure that the vulnerable children, families and seniors who rely on food from Hunger Task Force receive nutritious foods.

Healthy food – food that feeds the body, mind and overall wellbeing – keeps us alert, attentive, and active. It provides a stable, balanced foundation for children and adults alike to live a healthy lifestyle. An unhealthy diet can cause obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease, all serious public health problems. Hunger is a health issue, so Hunger Task Force encourages everyone to donate foods that are healthy.

Drop off food at Hunger Task Force or at one of our community food drives or events.

Hunger Task Force
201 S. Hawley Court
Milwaukee, WI 53214

Open: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Preferred Food Items List

The following is a list of preferred nonperishable items to donate:

  • Fruits canned in own juice or 100% fruit juice, like peaches or pears
  • Vegetables canned and low sodium, like green beans and corn
  • Grains that are whole, like brown rice, oatmeal and no sugar-added cereal
  • Protein that is lean, like canned chicken, peanut butter or beans
  • Dairy that is boxed and low-fat, like skim milk or almond milk
  • Snacks like granola, breakfast bars or nuts
  • Condiments like salsa, oil or salt-free seasonings

Preferred Food Items Graphic