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First Annual Wisconsin School Breakfast Report

“Fueling kids’ minds, development and esteem with a nutritious meal at the start of the day will have a huge impact on their ability to succeed inside and outside the classroom.” – Sherrie Tussler, Hunger Task Force Executive Director.

Childhood hunger is severe in Wisconsin. In 2015, one in five children in Wisconsin lived in a food-insecure household and over 331,000 children benefitted from FoodShare. The need to offer school breakfast is based on the substantial number of children in Wisconsin who lack access to nutritious food. Hungry students have poorer academic and health outcomes. Children who eat breakfast are absent from school less often, have a decreased risk of being overweight and exhibit better behavior.
School Breakfast Adds Up
Thanks to the support from No Kid Hungry, over 4,500 additional kids in Milwaukee ate breakfast and lunch every day of the 2014-15 school year. We worked with 30 schools to change their breakfast model so that more students have access to breakfast. By moving breakfast from before the school day and in the cafeteria, to after the first bell and in the classroom, all kids are able to start their day on an even playing field.

Hunger Task Force produced the School Breakfast Report to analyze school breakfast access and explain why Wisconsin underperforms in this critical nutrition program, as well as offer schools and communities practical solutions for improvement.

Full Statewide School Breakfast Report
School Breakfast Report – Executive Summary

Statewide School Breakfast Report


The report provides a district by district analysis of school breakfast models and participation. Then, the 20 districts that include the most amount of students that qualify for free or reduced price meals received individual report cards on their school breakfast performance. Take a look, see how your district measures up and read customized recommendations districts can use to ensure more hungry students start their day with breakfast.
“We know kids need fuel each morning to learn, and in school district after school district we’ve seen the difference Breakfast in the Classroom can make,” said Adrienne Allen, Director, No Kid Hungry, Social Innovation Fund. “We’ve talked to teachers and school staff who have seen breakfast transform their students’ lives. Some who initially had reservations now tell us it’s the best thing that’s happened in their classroom.”


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