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MyPlate Monthly & Food of the Month

MyPlate Monthly aims to bring education and awareness to a specific Hunger Task Force MyPlate food category each month. It’s an education tool that can help you answer the questions, “How can I help support Hunger Task Force?” or give ideas about which foods to donate from the grocery store.

July MyPlate Monthly: Vegetables
July MyPlate Food-of-the-Month: Low-Sodium Canned Green Beans
Vegetable Tagline: Fill ½ your plate with fruits & vegetables at every meal.
Vegetable Nutrition Information:
• Healthy foods in this category include no salt added or low-sodium canned vegetables like green beans, frozen vegetables like corn, carrots or broccoli, and fresh leafy greens.
• Vegetables are an important source of vitamins, minerals and fiber that help regulate blood sugar, lower risk of heart disease and keep you feeling full.
• Vegetables are cholesterol-free! Several veggies are naturally low in calories, fat and sodium.
• Sodium is the main ingredient in table salt, and consuming too much increases your risk of heart disease. Many canned and frozen vegetables contain added sodium, so consume vegetables labeled “low-sodium” or “no salt added” for a healthier choice. You should also rinse canned veggies with water to remove the salt brine.
Did you know?
Nearly 20% of all food donated to Hunger Task Force is canned vegetables. Distributing low-sodium vegetables to the Hunger Task Force network is crucial to combating public health crises, like high blood pressure and heart disease and ensuring these veggies are low-sodium or no salt added affects a large portion of the network. Under MyPlate’s healthy eating model, two to three servings of vegetables per day are recommended. Only 9% of Americans eat the recommended servings of vegetables each day, so meeting these guidelines is important for people of all ages.

Throughout the month of July, please donate low-sodium or no salt added canned green beans, or make a cash donation to help support a bulk purchase of green beans. Through our statewide partnerships with farmers, grocers and distributors, your monetary donations can make an impact and have the ability to help us buy large quantities of food at reduced bulk pricing. Hunger Task Force has resources to maximize monetary donations that help support both farmers and families in need.

A full truckload of no salt added green beans for our network costs $13,808, but you can make a difference! A donation of just $25 buys 75 cans of low-sodium green beans.

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