Nutrition Education Team shares favorite holiday recipes

Dec 23, 2021

Hunger Task Force operates a robust nutrition education program to educate students, parents, and the public about healthy eating on a budget. We don’t just feed our community—we also educate our students, seniors and families about healthy eating and the Hunger Task Force MyPlate model. The team leading the way – our Nutrition Education Team – share their favorite holiday recipe below, in the hope that you’ll enjoy adding a new flavor or staple to your holiday gatherings this year.

As you celebrate, think of small changes you can make to create healthier meals and active days. You can easily find a good balance by making a few adjustments: add in some fresh fruit as a dessert option, opt for flavorful spices and seasonings in place of salt and sugar, choose whole grains and make your plate colorful by filling half of it with fruits and vegetables. And don’t forget about family dance-offs in the kitchen or taking a walk together after your meal to get some activity in, too!


Community Nutrition Program Manager

Chili Cheese Dip

I grew up enjoying this chili cheese dip my mom would make for holiday gatherings every year. As I got older, I would still ask her to make it for any event we needed a dish to pass. One day she told me it was only three ingredients, and I couldn’t believe it! It’s SO simple, and such a great snack to prepare for a large group.


Community Network Dietitian

Vegetable Egg Bake 

I love waking up on a holiday morning with a breakfast ready to go. Breakfast casseroles are a great option for this. They are easy to “build” the night before and have ready to pop in the oven when you wake up. While breakfast bakes, you’re free to spend the morning relaxing and enjoying time with loved ones!


Child Nutrition Educator

Ponche (Mexican Christmas Punch)

Ponche is essentially a warm fruit punch that uses Mexican fruits that you might not be familiar with like tejocotes, guava and tamarind. Ponche takes me back to grade-school Christmas parties and I look forward to making it every year. Plus, you’re getting a full serving of fruits per serving!


Nutrition Education Assistant

Hummus Taco Dip

This easy recipe is such a healthy alternative to the traditional taco dip and tastes great. I love to bring this dish to every family function or get together with friends, as it’s a wonderful option to have at any gathering. I hope you find this recipe easy to make  and enjoy this dish as much as I do!

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