Celebrating Sherrie Tussler’s 27-Year Legacy of Innovation and Leadership at Hunger Task Force

Jun 3, 2024

50 Faces. 50 Stories. 50 Years of Fighting Hunger.

Hunger Task Force is proud to be Milwaukee’s only Free & Local food bank and Wisconsin’s anti-hunger leader. In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, Hunger Task Force is highlighting “50 Faces of Ending Hunger,” honoring the anti-hunger heroes who champion Free & Local and support our mission to end hunger.


Sherrie Tussler is a true community champion.  The dynamic and visionary CEO of Hunger Task Force is retiring after 27 years of extraordinary service. Her tenure is defined by remarkable leadership, innovation and a profound commitment to addressing food insecurity in Milwaukee, the state of Wisconsin and beyond.

Sherrie’s leadership will be regarded for her innovative approaches to tackling hunger and ability to pivot in the face of challenges. Under her guidance, Hunger Task Force has grown into a multifaceted organization that not only provides immediate food assistance but also addresses the systemic issues contributing to food insecurity.

One of Sherrie’s most significant accomplishments is the establishment of a robust FoodShare Outreach program. Understanding the diverse needs of Milwaukee’s population, she opened three self-service locations staffed by multilingual FoodShare Advocates fluent in 12 languages. This initiative has been instrumental in breaking down linguistic barriers and broadening access to essential FoodShare benefits.

Innovation has been a hallmark of Sherrie’s tenure. She launched the Mobile Market – a grocery store on wheels that travels throughout Milwaukee County to serve neighborhoods with limited access to fresh and healthy foods. This pioneering initiative has played a crucial role in promoting healthier eating habits among the community’s most vulnerable populations.

Sherrie’s commitment to fresh, nutritious food led to the establishment of the Hunger Task Force Farm. The Farm produces half a million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables annually, ensuring that seniors, families and children in need have access to healthy, fresh produce. This initiative not only addresses immediate nutritional needs but also supports long-term health benefits for the community.

Collaboration and relationship-building have been central to Sherrie’s success. She organized the “Milwaukee Model” for Summer Meals, which brings together local partners to ensure that no child goes hungry during the summer months. By coordinating efforts and resources, this program has provided consistent and reliable meals to children when school is out and fills a critical gap in food security. She has worked closely with tribal nations, state and federal policymakers to advocate for policies that support food security. Her efforts have influenced legislation and policy changes that benefit not only Milwaukee but also the state of Wisconsin and the nation.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sherrie’s leadership was particularly impactful through the Dairy Recovery and Badger Box programs. These initiatives supported struggling dairy farmers and provided essential nutrition to families in need. Her swift response and ability to mobilize resources during a crisis underscored her exceptional leadership and dedication to feeding people.

Sherrie’s boots-on-the-ground mentality has always been evident. She is not only a strategic thinker but also a hands-on leader who understands the importance of being directly involved in the community. Her ability to connect with individuals and address their immediate needs has been a driving force behind the success of Hunger Task Force.

Her tenure at Hunger Task Force has set a high standard for leadership in the fight against hunger. As she transitions to her new role as CEO Emeritus, her strategic insights and dedication will continue to benefit the organization and the community she has so passionately served.

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