“Meal Mates” Pilot Program Provides Healthy Takeaway Options for Families in Need

Prepacked with a mix of MyPlate-friendly food, “Meal Mates” are a supplemental option that have been well received by both Summer Meal sites as well as organizations across the Hunger Task Force emergency food network. Made possible by a Kohls Hometown Partner grant, the Meal Mates pilot program helps to fill gaps where federal funding falls short and meal providers are benefitted by a healthy, on-the-go option.

Hunger Task Force and Kohl’s Team Up for “Double-Double” Build and Food Sort

Hunger Task Force and Kohl’s continued to build on their long-standing partnership to reduce food insecurity in Milwaukee by executing a firs-of-its-kind “Double-Double” in the food bank’s Volunteer Action Center. This larger scale event featured a team of 150+ enthusiastic Kohl’s volunteers simultaneously building 680 Stockboxes and sorting over 23,000 pounds of food.

Hunger Task Force Receives $750,000 Donation from Kohl’s to Help Reduce Food Insecurity in Milwaukee

Kohl’s is continuing its 14-year support and partnership with Hunger Task Force with a $750,000 donation to provide healthy food for families and children facing hunger. The Kohl’s donation comes at a critical time as the federal government recently announced that households will receive their last extra COVID-19 FoodShare payment.

Hunger Task Force and Kohl’s Team Up for First-Ever “Combo Build”

Kohl’s Department Stores and Hunger Task Force have a longstanding partnership. Today, a team of 50+ volunteers from Kohl’s participated the first-ever Stockbox/Food Sort “Combo Build” at the food bank’s massive new Volunteer Action Center. Over the course of an afternoon, Kohl’s volunteers simultaneously built over 500 Stockboxes and sorted over 20,000 pounds of food.